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Ad Publications focuses on high quality villas for rent and for sale at top locations worldwide.  So we are expecting high quality pictures of beautiful villas at fantastic locations. We reserve the unilateral right to deactivate or modify any ad published on the site, even before the end of the publication period, in the following cases : 

  •    An ad is not matching the quality requirements of
  •     An ad relates to a property already sold or let
  •     A descriptive text is contrary to these Terms of Use
  •     Photos do not represent a villa property explicitly  
  •     An ad is misleading, e.g. in relation to its location, or an ad is illegal

For featured ads :  The user cannot claim a repayment, fully or partially, when he/she removes the ad from the website before the expired period. This period was determined by the user when he/she placed the ad. The user accepts explicitly that once his/her ad is paid and placed on the website, he/she renounces every right of retraction and repayment, fully or partially, of this ad. will promote its website and related social media pages with related content as much as possible to give maximum promotion to all featured ads.

Site Access Restrictions

We reserve the unilateral right to prohibit access to all or part of the site to any individual or legal person :

  •     who would violate these Terms of Use
  •     who would use the personal data to which he/she can have access on this site to propose products or services or to send bulk unsolicited emails to other users of this site ("spamming") for any other commercial purpose or in any other unauthorized manner
  •     who would post false or illegal ads on the site
  •     who would harm the reputation of this site
  •     who would infringe third-party intellectual property rights
  •     who would use the site illegally

We also reserve the right to take such persons to court.

Site Availability

Although we strive to make available to you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, we have the right, at any time and without notice, to interrupt access to the site for technical or other reasons and to stop offering our services. In this event we shall on no account be liable for these interruptions and for the consequences that might result for you or for any third party.

Liability related to content posted on the site by users

All text, data, photos, video, messages or other content posted on the site are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originates. does not control the content posted on the site by its users and shall not be liable in any way for that content.

The user declares, agrees and guarantees that has the right to use, publish and exploit any text or information that he/she posts on the site.

As a user of the real estate ad service of the site, you undertake not to upload or transmit materials that express a political opinion or that have a defamatory, racist or xenophobic connotation or incite discrimination, hatred or violence against a person, group, community or its members on the grounds of their alleged race, colour, ancestry or national or ethnic origin.

By the simple fact of using this site, you undertake to indemnify and its subsidiaries, officers, employees, partners and agents against any claim made by any third party against it arising out of any content whatsoever you submit to the site.

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