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VSD Compressor suppliers The working principle of the two-stage double screw air screw air compressor:
The double compression screw host adopts two-stage sub-compression.
1. After the first-stage compression, the oil and gas can be fully mixed between the stages, reducing the suction temperature of the second-stage compression, thereby reducing power consumption.
2. The two-stage compression main engine reduces the compression ratio of each stage, reduces the internal leakage, improves the volumetric efficiency, reduces the bearing load, and increases the life of the main engine;
Two-stage compression replaces single-stage compression, and the displacement increases by nearly 15%, which can achieve an energy saving effect of up to 15%;
The compression ratio of each stage of compression reduces bearing loads.
The compression ratio of each stage is small, the leakage is smaller, the volumetric efficiency is high; the vibration and noise are low.
Under the same power, the two heads bear the load, the bearing is less stressed and the service life is longer.
To put it simply, using a smaller motor to achieve a larger displacement!
the energy saving effect is 35-40% higher than that of ordinary screw air compressors, and 15% higher than that of ordinary variable frequency air compressors.
Advanced frequency conversion control system:
1. Continuously adjust the speed of the rotor in the large rotor with low specific power and wide range, automatically match the change of the gas volume at the point of use, and use the appropriate power to obtain the necessary gas volume. Pressure fluctuation is controlled within 卤0.01Mpa; there is almost no energy loss caused by pressure increase;
2. There is no capacity loss caused by the unloading state, which directly saves 45% of the no-load power consumption;
3. High-performance inverter, the impact of Qidong is small, and the overload of Qidong is avoided;
4. Specially designed frequency conversion cabinet, large size, optimal ventilation design, the ambient temperature reaches 45 鈩? and the performance is still perfect.
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