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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Fine Powder factory
Company Profile
The Kaimaoxing factory was established in 2007. The boss and two experienced technical experts who came out of state-owned enterprises began to explore and embarked on the road of cellulose production. The first stage, 2008, ushered in the spring of China's real estate. The government commercialized houses, which set off the first small wave of real estate in Chinese history. A steady stream. With the gradual increase in orders from the factory, the factory expanded its production capacity for the first time and added production lines. At this time, our customers were all domestic. Until 2016, we increased the orders of many traders, who continuously sold the goods of Kaimaoxing factory to all over the world. In order to adapt to the needs of domestic competition and keep in line with foreign situations, we have been expanding our scientific research personnel and technical personnel.
From the two technical personnel when the factory was first established to the current technical team of 22, we have been committed to research More applications of products will expand more products to meet the different needs of customers. In the second stage until 2020, we expanded our production capacity for the second time, and we began to deploy our own global market. Finally, in August 2022, a brand new Kemox cellulose of our own was born. We have a global presence Find a reliable partner within the scope.Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Fine Powder factory