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Contactor Product description
Control and Protective Switching is a new product in low-voltage electrical appliances. As a new category of products, its product category code is "CPS", which is the abbreviation of "Control and Protective Switching Device" in English. CPS conforms to the standard: IEC60947-6-2 "Low voltage switch gear and control equipment multi-function electrical appliances: control and protection switch gear" (equivalent to IEC60947-6-2).
Its appearance fundamental ly solves the problems of unreasonable control and protection coordination caused by unreasonable selection of traditional discrete components (usually circuit breaker or fuse + contactor + overload relay). The characteristic is to overcome Due to the inconsistency between the protection characteristics and the control characteristics when electrical products with different assessment standards are combined, the operation reliability and continuous operation performance of the control and protection system are greatly improved.
Product features
Control and Protective Switching adopts a modular single product structure, which integrates the main functions of traditional circuit breaker (fuse), contactor, overload (or over current, phase failure) protection relay, starter, isolator, etc., with long-distance Automatic control and local direct human control function, with panel indication and electro mechanical signal alarm function, with over voltage and under voltage protection function, with phase failure protection function, with coordinated time current protection characteristics (with inverse time limit, fixed Time limit and instantaneous three stage protection characteristics). The function modules or accessories can be selected according to the needs to realize the control and protection of various motor loads and power distribution loads.
Product type and electrical symbol
Control and Protective Switching combines with various mechanisms and accessories to form the following series of products:
a. Fire-fighting control and protection switch appliances MYCPS (F)
b. Isolated control and protection switch appliances MYCPS (G)
c. Leakage type control and protection switch electrical appliances MYCPS (L)
d. Two-speed motor controller MYCPSD
e. Three-speed motor controller MYCPSD3
f. Reversible motor controller MYCPSN
g. Decompression starter: 1. star triangle MYCPSJ MYCPSJ2 2. self: MYCPSZ 3. resistance: MYCPSR
The main parameters
Dimensions (namely, two types of housings, 45 and 125 respectively)
The number of poles of the main circuit is divided into: 3 poles, 4 poles
Main body rated current rating: 45 Frame: (12A, 16A, 25A, 32A, 45A)
125 frame: (45A, 63A, 80A, 100A, 125A)
The setting current range covered by the trip unit: the minimum setting current is 0.4A, the maximum setting current is 125A (45 case frame 0.4A-45A; 125 case frame 25A-125A)
Short circuit breaking capacity level
a. Economical 漏 35kA
b. Standard type (Y) 50Ka
c. High breaking type (H) 80Ka
Type of release
a. According to the protection object, it is divided into motor protection (M) power distribution protection (L)
b. According to the frequency of operation, it is divided into frequent operation and infrequent operationContactor