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cheap Twin-tube Ir Heat Emitter Shanghai Heat Element Electric & Lighting Co., Ltd.Is an integrated supplier of infrared radiation heating products and radiation heating systems, specializing in the production of ultrashort wave, short wave, fast medium wave, medium wave and long wave.Using advanced production technology, excellent equipment and nearly 20 years of infrared heating technology and production experience, our company has won recognition and high praise from infrared heating experts and users in Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan, and has the certain superiority position in the global same profession. At the beginning of its establishment,more than 95% of the company's products were mainly exported to Germany and distributed throughout Europe from Germany.We have been serving many large machinery manufacturers and distributors in Europe with our excellent product quality and rich application experience.
鈼?In 2007, our products were applied to the semiconductor industry by Taiwan strategic partners, and we have conducted many long time tests, applications and comparative analysis with a famous Japanese brand. The results show that the quality of domestic infrared radiators can be significantly better than or as high as similar Japanese products.
鈼?nbsp;In 2011, we will gradually shift the focus of development to the domestic high-end application market. In combination with the domestic market, the company has developed various industrial radiation modules and temperature control systems to provide professional customized services for the market, and achieve zero docking with the customer's automation equipment and control systems.
鈼?nbsp;In 2012, the company's high-power Radiation Tube successfully replaced the famous German brand, applied to the non-woven industry.
鈼?nbsp;In 2013, the company cooperated with a large domestic oil pipeline company to test and mass produce stable infrared radiation products, which were successfully applied to 30mm thick PP pipe for internal and external full penetration heating.
鈼?nbsp;In 2014, the company cooperated with China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. to successfully develop a set of infrared radiation and automatic control system, which has been applied to a famous nuclear power project in China. So far, the system has been in good operation.
鈼?nbsp;In 2015, the company cooperated with Yanfeng Automotive Interior System Co., LTD, the world's largest automotive interior system supplier, to jointly develop the infrared local heating module and complete set of intelligent temperature control system for enameling mold, which were successfully tested and became the pioneer and leader in the infrared local heating field of enameling mold in China. Subsequently, the company will cooperate with Yanfeng on the rectification of all its plastic lining production lines around the world.
In the context of the country's industrial transformation and upgrading and Made in China 2025, Reyuan people are willing to uphold the consistent quality, service and integrity, sincerely hope to be able to serve more outstanding domestic enterprises, we also hope that our products will be helpful for your new product development and innovation! We warmly welcome your visit, inquiry and work guidance!

cheap Twin-tube Ir Heat Emitter