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China Single Twist Cabling Machine suppliers Bow stranding machine parameter description
Appearance drawing of bow-twisting machine
Specification and model of bow-twisting machine
Mainly three models锛欸JJ630-A/ GJJ800-A / GJJ1000-A
Main uses and characteristics of bow-twisting and cable-forming machine
Mainly used for single-twisted cables of control cables, rubber cables and power cables; 1+2/1+3/1+4/1+6 and other structures can be selected; Control or magnetic powder tension control; each part of the production line can be controlled independently by the motor or through the linkage control of the transmission shaft; according to the needs of the user, it can be equipped with wrapping and armoring devices; the operation mode is the human-machine interface touch screen; the main shaft bearing adopts domestic high-quality bearings or Japanese NSK bearings.
The main technical parameters
Insulation wire桅l.O-桅4.0mm/single桅1.5-桅 6.0mm/single桅2.0-桅l0.0mm/single
Twist diameter桅12mm/MAX桅18mm/MAX桅30mm/MAX
Rotate speed800RPM/min(Max)600RPM/min(Max)400RPM/min(Max)
Twist pitch30~130mm40~150mm50~180mm
Twist directions&zS&ZS&Z
Take-up bobbin桅800-桅1250mm桅1250-桅1600mm桅1600-桅2000mm
Use bearingJapan NSKJapan NSKJapan NSK
Pay off tensionMechanical frictionMechanical frictionMechanical friction
Main axle motor7.5KW15KW22KW
Electric controlinverter controlinverter controlinverter control
Dimension(mm)(L)4000X(W)1400X(H)1400(L)4900X(W)1800X(H)1600(L)6000X(W)2000X(H)1900China Single Twist Cabling Machine suppliers