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Multilayer HDI PCB Board supplier is providing Quick Turn PCB Prototype Manufacturing services, Low and Medium-volume Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing services. We solemnly do commitment to you, on time delivery, especially the Quick Turn PCB Prototypes 100% on time delivery.
The advanced multilayer deployed by HDI PCB manufacturing allows you to integrate multiple layers to create a multi-layer PCB.
PCB Specification:
Layer Count: 8
Material: FR4 ,1.6mm, TG 180, 1 OZ for all layer
Minimum Tack: 3mil
Minimum Space(gap): 3mil
Minimum Hole: 0.1mm
Surface Finished: ENIG
Panel Size: 390*368mm/4up
Characteristics: high density interconnect PCB,via on pad(plug with resin,and plate copper flat), high TG
About Us:
High-tech PCB(Printed Circuit Board) Manufacturer in China,YUE TONG Electronic is located in Guangdong, China, in the world circuit board manufacturing center geographical advantage, coupled with many years dedicated to circuit boards manufacturing experienced technical engineering team, we are able provide world-class circuit boards and services for the global printed circuit board Customers with the Chinese market price.
Offering new technique and promote enterprise progress to meet customers satisfactions.Taking great efforts to concentrate on high quality, competitive pricing and the best service as well.
Products are applied to a wide range of High-tech industries with 80 percent of all products export to Europe , American, Japan and other Asia-pacific countriesOEM HDI PCB