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Our History
Wuxi City Lanhua Textile Equipment Co., ltd founded in 2002, which is a professional research and development of high-tech textile machinery products' company. It has rich experience in spinning machine manufacturing, the company devotes itself to the research and development of equipment for manufacturing differentiated new fibers, and successively develops high temperature melt spinning test machine, dry spinning test machine, wet spinning test machine, dry jet wet spinning test machine. In 2012, low melting point products of nylon and polyester were developed, and low melting point monofilament products of TPU were developed in 2016.
Our Factory
The company covers an area of 6648 m虏. It has beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
Our Product
Melt spinning pilot machine, wet spinning pilot machine, dry jet wet spinning pilot machine, dry spinning pilot machine, desktop dry and wet spinning test machine, melt spinning production line, wet spinning production line, Nylon polyamide low melting point thermo fuse yarn, PET low melting point thermo fuse yarn, TPU low melting point monofilament.
Product Application
The spinning tester is used in the laboratories of colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, and the low melting point thermo fuse yarn is used for flying shoe upper, ribbon making, sewing edge, etc.
Our Certificate
Our product is granted authorization according to STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX to use the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX mark.
Production Equipment
Production Market
Products are distributed in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South America etc.
Our Service
Product Advantage and Price Advantage:
The product has advantages over other products in price, function, design, performance and appearance.
Quality Advantage and Service Advantage:
Product design is excellent, ensuring that the quality of goods meets the requirements of relevant industry standards, business personnel to achieve the whole process of high-quality service.
Speed Advantage and Maintenance Advantage:
In order to ensure the quality of the goods, the warranty period is free to contact the manufacturer if there is unintentional damage or other damage after use.Lab Scale Melt Spinning Machine suppliers