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Product Description
Double helical bevel gear and rack has the advantages of high coincidence, small axial load, high bearing capacity, and stable operation. It adopts the double helical gear base to transmit the torque of the main motor or motor unit to the roller. Advantages of the double helical gear: the double helical gear has high coincidence, and at least two teeth meshed at any time; the meshing process of the tooth quality inspection of the double helical cylindrical gear wheels is a transitional process, and the stress on the gear teeth is gradually from small to large, and then to small; the double helical gear has high bearing capacity and stable operation; the double
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Herringbone Gear Rack:
1. It can ensure a constant transmission ratio and can transmit the movement between two shafts with any included angle.
2. Features of large transmission power and efficient gear transmission. Gear transmission is used to transmit the motion and power between any two shafts. Its peripheral speed can reach 300m/s, the transmission power can reach 105KW, and the diameter of gear can be less than 1mm to above 150m. It is a widely used mechanical transmission in modern machinery.
3. Long life, stable operation and high reliability.
4. Since the tooth profile of the rack is straight, each point on the tooth profile has the same pressure angle and is equal to the inclination angle of the tooth profile. This angle is called the tooth profile angle and the standard value is 20掳.
5. The straight line parallel to the top line of the tooth and the tooth thickness equal to the width of the tooth slot is called the index line (center line), which is the reference line for calculating the rack size.
6. Any straight line parallel to the top line of the tooth has the same tooth pitch and module.
7. Almost any length of the stroke can be obtained by splicing.
8. For long-stroke applications, compared to synchronous belt and ball screw, gear rack is a very suitable choice.
Appilication of the Double Helical Gear Wheel:
1. It has a wide range of applications in factory automation, such as truss robot for automatic loading and unloading, stacking manipulator, and material handling devices.
2. It is suitable for factory automatic fast transplanting machine and industrial robot arm grasping mechanism.
3. It is suitable for CN machine tools, machining centers, cutting machines and welding machines with heavy load, high precision, high rigidity, high speed and long stroke.
4. It is suitable for fast and accurate positioning mechanism.
5. The characteristics of gear rack, such as fast moving speed, free splicing length and synchronization with thermal expansion effect of machine tool, can completely replace the application of ball screw in precision automation equipment and CNC machine tools.
Notice for the Spiral Helical Gear Rack:
For the rack and pinion transmission that starting transmission and with an impact load, the following aspects should be paid attention to:
1. Under the premise of structural allowance, the module m should be selected slightly larger, which is especially important for starting transmission with impact load.
2. The structure must have sufficient impact resistance and sufficient rigidity to ensure that the operation of rack and pinion.
3. The design speed shall not be too high.
4. It is best to design as a shifting gear and a negative shifting gear. Negative shifting will help improve the bending strength of the tooth root and improve the gear's ability to withstand impact.
5. The quenching depth of the tooth surface shall not to be too deep, generally 1/5m to 1/10m (m: modulus). It is necessary to maintain the core material with sufficient toughness to buffer external impact load.
6. The heat treatment hardness of the tooth surface shall not to be too hard, HRC30 ~ HRC35 is enough, and the tooth surface is too hard to crack the gear teeth under the impact load.
Product Information
1. Processing: forging, casting, cutting, customer requirements
2. Material: C45, 40C, 42CrMo, 40CrNiMo, 38CrMoAl, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile cast iron, aluminum, copper, high-strength steel, nylon, etc. In general, the former is used because the cost is relatively low.
3. Tooth type: there are two types of straight teeth and helical teeth or customized tooth shapes.
4. Module: there are 0.5 ~ 45 module, ANSI, DIN, JIS standards, non-standard
5. Length: customized from 500 to 2000mm and non-standard length
6. Heat treatment: high-frequency quenching, carburizing, shot peening, tempering, nitriding, shot peening, customized according to customer requirements.
7. Surface treatment: blackening, galvanizing, chrome plating, nickel plating, sandblasting, powder coating, customized according to customer requirements.
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Company Information
Yunxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed into a customized manufacturer of gears and racks through decades of struggling and enjoyed a high reputation in China. For Yunxiang, each job is a "special order", with accurate specification and strict deadline. The staff in Yunxiang, with profound knowledge, can provide pre-manufacturing input and technical follow-up in the whole manufacturing process to help you. The company, in strict accordance with ISO9001 Standards and Performance Excellence Model in daily management, can strictly determine the supplier of raw materials and supervise the whole process of purchase, production and inspection. The supplier of raw materials is managed dynamically according to the general situation of raw materials that have been supplied. We, specialized in R&D, production and sales of racks, have already put the racks for construction hoists and other racks in different specifications on the market. Besides, we can produce and process the non-standard racks of 1-50 modules in different specifications as required by customers. We mainly engage in basic racks of 1-50 modules, inch racks and other non-standard racks in various specifications, with the precision of Grade 7-9 in GB/T10096. The products are primarily used for shipbuilding, rolling equipment, light industrial machinery and equipment, high-rise building equipment and mechanical automation equipment, etc. We have adhered to the road of combining the introduction of advanced techniques and equipment with independent innovation since the establishment. The products include: racks exported to Japan for port machinery, racks exported to Singapore, racks for shoes machinery, non-standard racks, racks for construction hoists, non-standard racks in different specifications, non-standard racks of large module, non-standard racks of small module and racks for SC series construction hoists. With the CNC automatic equipment for rack manufacturing, we can process the non-standard racks of 1-25 modules in various specifications and undertake the mechanical processing and other businesses according to the requirements of users.
Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: Frankly, it depends on the product. Please contact us directly about this.
Q: When we send the inquiry, how long will you reply?
A: We usually quote within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. If you are very urgent, please call me, except national holidays.
Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are factory.
Q: Can you customize the product?
A: Yes, we have a professional R & D team that can customize products according to your requirements.
Q: Can you send us samples for free?
A: You need to pay the sample fee and freight. If we receive your large order later, we will return it.
Q: What is the payment term of your company?
A: Our payment terms are 30% down payment and 70% balance.
Q: Can I pay after you deliver the goods?
A: Sorry, we only accept payment before shipment.
Q: What is the price of the sample?
A: The customer shall pay the sample fee and freight. After the sample is confirmed, we will refund the sample fee to the customer.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Depending on the number of products, please contact us directly about this issue.
Q: What kind of certificate does your company provide?
A: Provide material certificates, QC report, surface treatment inspection report and other certificates required by customers.
Q: What is the price of rack? How much for one meter?
A: The price of racks is not fixed. Generally, we need to quote according to customer's required parameters such as material, tooth type, module, length, accuracy, type, spiral angle and special customization!
Q: How to start the project?
A: To start your project, please send us the design drawings together with materials, quantity and completion list. Then you will receive our quotation within 24 hours.Helical Rack suppliers