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Animal feed is a general defination of diet for all kinds of animals, including poultry, livestock and aquatic animals. For farmers, there are many factors may influence the feed choosing, such as the animal type, animal age/stage, nutrients needed by the animals,feeding method, local climate, raw material supplying, animal feed cost etc.
Animal feed mill, also known as animal feed pellet making plant, is a complete processing system which includes many sections such as raw material receiving section, crushing section, Dosing & mixing section, pelleting & cooling sections, packing sections, sometimes silo section may need per customer鈥檚 requirements.Each section has its special function and also connected with each other. Below equipment list is the main machine introducion of each section for reference:
Pre-cleaner: mainly for raw material such as corn or wheat cleaning, aims to remove the impuritis in it, ensure the material and final feed product is clean and safety. This cleaner can be located at the top floor in the cleaning section which can make good use of the gravity of raw mateiral to save energy for you. Some customer may build silo system before the feed mill plant, and raw material cleaning will be included in this system.
Hammer crusher: used to crush grains into small size particle which is suitable for pellet making in the pelleting section.The hammer crusher capacity will be influenced by the material moisture, fineness of crused material, motor powder and negative pressure wind etc. Normally, the water-drop hammer crusher is enough for the poultry and livestock feed making, but for aquatic feed making, micro grinder is also needed as secondary crusher.
Batching scale: batching scale shall be designed before the mixing mached, and normally installed upper the mixer, sensers on the scale weigh the materials per bacth per the ingredient content and then discharge into the mixer. Additive materials can be added into the mixer directly or weigh it separatly with a small scale to ensure the ingredient proportion.
Mixer: used to mix certain content materials according to the ingredient in its cavity, plus the oil/ molasses or other small proportion materials evenly, to guarantee the final feed with comprehensive nutrition. CV data, mixing time and material residues are the main technical parameters. Normally, there are three types mixing machine for choice per customer鈥檚 requiremetns, such as double circle mixer, single shaft paddle mixer and double shaft paddle mixer,sometimes vertical mixer is suitable for quite small capacity animal feed plant.
Pellet mill: take the ring die pellet mill as example, it is used to press mash feed/meal feed into pellet shape, and the pellet dia is determined by the animal type. The pellet mill is usually equipped with screw feeder and single or double layer air conditioner. Conditioning is accomplished by the addition of controlled amounts of high temperature steam to kill bacterias and gelatinize starch. The ring die compression ratio, pellet dia, steam supplyment etc may influence the pellet mill capacity.
Cooler: aims to reduce the temperature of the pellet after pelleting from the pellet mill machine, also can remove the moisture in it,the pellet temperature after pelleting can be 80-90 degree and shall cool down to 30 degree through it, then we can pack into bags and delivery or storage directly. There are different level indicate on it to remark different sizes pellet level.
Crumbler: people may choose add one crumbler under the cooler machine to crush the pellet feed into small pellet for baby chicken. That鈥檚 because the baby chicken quantity may not very huge, and the cost will be high if produce the baby chicken feed specially. It can be produced with double rollers or three rollers.
Vibrating screen: sifting pellets under the vibrating motor鈥檚 driving after cooling machine, qualified pellets flows to the packing machine directly and unqualified pellets needs back to pellet mill for repelleting. Using composite material plate as support reduced the noise during working, and the service life is longer than common material plate.
Packing machine: usd to pack feed into bags automatic or semi-automatic, it usually equipped with belt conveyor and sewing machine, some large factories may also use palletizer after it to instead of workers. Of course, customer also can choose use semi automatic if the capacity is not big enough and the labor cost is not high in local market.
What we should know before starting
Determine the intention of this investment on the animal feed mill
----If you are farmer, confirm this plant only for your own farm supplyment, or part for your own farm and part for commercial, aims to save feeding cost and get reasonable profit through comercial.
---If you are feed mill factory, 100% feed you produced shall be commercial, gettting reasonable profit is the final aim.
Confirm the capacity of animal feed mill plant/feed factory scale
Many factors may influence the dertermination about the scale, the land size, the budget for all line construction, the farm scale, the return on investment, even including the operating cost of this plant. So a fesbility report is necessary to make it in advance before the final decision confirmed.
Equipments installation & commissioning
To build a new feed mill factory, during the feed mill equipment prodction in factory and delivery on the sea, the construction including warehouse for raw material and final feed, the office building and related buildings can be built in advance according to the general design and plant of the factory.
For the workshop of the feed mill equipment, the civil work, melt pit and some embedded part can be started first, but the outsourcing of the equipment workshop should not be done in advance. Then the equipment will easy to install withouth the surround blocking.
We can send 2 engineers for the installation and commissioning guiding, at the same time, the worker training can be arranged during this time.Animal Feed Mill Plant price