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Long Distance Pipeline for Slurry Pricelist
Company Profile
KINDRATE is committed to becoming a well-known stainless steel enterprise. The company's main business includes: the production of all kinds of stainless steel products such as all kinds of stainless steel elbow, elbow accessories, steel to cast iron reducing elbow and so on. Years of experience in the industry, so that we can meet the needs of customers for custom-made products, can provide customers with good prices and cheap and appropriate steel to cast iron reducing elbow. We firmly believe that through our efforts, we can continue to push our products to every corner of the world and get the recognition of every customer.
KINDRATE products meet the useful life of 50 years through strong technical strength and deeply R&D. KINDRATE wins the trust of many customers by providing reliable product quality and service.
KINDRATE production is based on ten years export experience in quality management. We are strictly in acc颅ordance with IS09001 quality system, from technical design to raw material into plant, to entire production process, to implement zero defect products quality management principles. KIND RATE applies ERP management; pipe structural mechanics design exploits finite element analysis of the design application, fully meets standard requirements and saves materials and resources; Coupling housings are ductile iron cast of high strength and elongation. Our products are manufactured by Denmark DISA line, with high pressure modeling, which has ensured the casting size precision in mass production. Materials for sealing gaskets are imported from American DuPont Company , formula designed and developed by KINDRATE meet U.S.A STM D2000 mechanical pro- perties(tensile strength, elastic, variable pressure, low temperature impact and performance requirements of aging, after 45 days of high temperature aging test to simulate 50 years aging process, oxygenation, Ultravi颅olet radiation).Changes in the overall mechanical properties meet the standard requirements, and fully guara颅ntee the security of the sealing system in 50 years under any environmental conditions. Changes of the overall mechanical properties meet standard requirements, fully guaranteeing security of the sealing system in 50 years under any environmental conditions.
Kindrate own excellent independent R&D capabilities and large number of patented technologies, For our customers in different industries and the different requirements, we successfully developed the different requirements, we su颅ccessfully developed the sealing system of the applicable used in fuel, oil, water, compressed air, central air con颅ditioning refrigerant, gas, acid, alkali and other different media, which also are also used in ultra high pressure, low temperature, and high temperature environment.Long Distance Pipeline for Slurry Pricelist