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Weigh Filling Machine Product Principle
1. The computerized quantitative filling machine is composed of feeding system, weighing system, frame, pneumatic control, and control system.
2. The weighing system consists of weighing bracket, sensor, weighing platform, power drum, frame support and filling system.
3. The pipeline of the weighing filling machine is connected with the tank body, and is filled by self pressing type, and accurately weighed by the high-precision weighing system of the equipment.
4. Supply requires continuous stability (using a feed pump or bucket to pressurize the feed).
5. The weighing platform is not allowed to be subjected to additional external forces during use.
Main Features
1. The filling machine is a full automatic quantitative liquid filling machine, which is suitable for filling various oil types, such as lubricating oil and edible oil.
2. This machine has the function of automatic barrel turning, just put the barrel on the conveyor belt.
3. With automatic tare removal function, automatic weight detection, automatic submerged filling.
4. The end of the filling process adopts a frequency conversion deceleration system, which automatically decelerates when it is close to the quantitative value to prevent overflow and ensure accuracy.
5. Adopt vacuum back suction anti-drip filling nozzle to prevent material leakage.
Production Parameters
Number of Filling Heads: 2 heads
Filling Ranger: 100-250 L
Filling Capacity: 50-150 barrels /hour (calculated by 100 L)
Equipment Power: 8kw (4 kw double pump)
Air Pressure: 8Mpa
Filling Error: 鈮?.1%
Filling Line Size: 11500*2500*2200 mm
Total Length of Filling Line: about 11000-15000 mmWeigh Filling Machine