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In-transit visibility of real-time shipment tracking through logistics tracking systems to Improve the supply chains performance of fragile goods
XKtrack combines with the logistics tracking system to automatically monitor the driving speed, vibration, shock, tilt and other conditions, real-time shipment tracking, cargo damages are reported at any time, reduce the transportation damage rate, efficiently define the transportation responsibility, and greatly improve the upply chains performance.
Three problems in the fragile transportation industry
1. Fragile goods transport damage risk
Fragile transport must strive to be stable, minimize vibration, and if there is a large shock, impact, tilt, etc., it will cause huge losses.
2. The transportation process is long and there are blind spots in monitoring.
Lack of real-time shipment tracking equipment, can not achieve the in-transit visibility of fragile goods, monitoring blind spots, risk controllability is weak.
3. After the accident, the definition of responsibility is difficult.
During the transportation process, a number of carriers and multiple types of vehicles may be involved in the relay. However, it is often necessary to wait until the goods are signed for inspection and inspection, and the damage of the goods is found. At this time, it is difficult to define the responsible party.
XKtrack solution
1. XKtrack real-time monitoring, improving cargo safety through visibility in the way
XKtrack binds with each order, and starts with the goods. The cargo transportation position, trajectory, status, speed, and vibration amplitude and frequency are collected and uploaded into logistics tracking system in real time. Once the threshold is exceeded, the logistics tracking system immediately triggers the warning and utilizes the in-transit visibility . It realizes real-time monitoring, intervenes in the transportation process as early as possible, improves the safety of goods during transportation and handling, reduces the damage rate, and comprehensively improves the supply chain performance .
2. Detailed records of information data, long-term retrospective, easy to define the responsibility of the accident
In addition to XKtrack combined with the logistics tracking system to achieve automatic warning of abnormal conditions, such as packaging damage, serial goods and other problems encountered during transportation, the staff can take pictures to upload the logistics tracking system, clearly record the transportation section, carrier and accident time of the accident, help After the accident, the responsibility is defined.real time tracking app