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LED therapy RF facial device for face price Introduction of Ace-Tec
ACE-TEC is a National High-Tech Enterprise for beauty and health device, focus on providing ODM and OEM services for more than 100+ customers around the world.
Partners of Ace-Tec
Our factory
At Ace-Tec, we have a skilled in-house design team, we focus on R&D investment, quickly master new technologies in the beauty and health industry, and are committed to meeting your customized facial cleansing, beauty, slimming massager, oral care and other product needs. To provide you with high-tech beauty and health instrument solutions, improve the added value of products.
Professional Service Process
Product Planning
Industrial Design
Mechanical Design
Hardware / Software
Our 18 digital production lines
Through flexible production models and digital manufacturing processes, promoting lean management, and continuously improving quality and efficiency, we can reduce your costs, accelerate your products to market, and help you gain a competitive advantage.
Quality Assurance
To be a reliable partner to our customer, ACE-TEC follow the IATF16949 & ISO13485 system strictly.
In-house Tooling
Mes Production
General Manager
Anny Tan
Executive Chairman of Lean Production Research Association Vice President of Shenzhen Shengheshu
Enterprise belongs to society. Meaning of its existence to create values for society, while profits are the give back from society. As an independent economic entity, all enterprises must strive hard to get profit to keep survival. Between creating value to the outside and getting returned profits, there is a casual relationship. In other words, the premise of getting profit is to create values firstly.Creating values is oriented from a thorough understanding of demands and headache points. So, we need to stand by customers to face the market together, to think what's end user's real demands and real headache points, what's the best solutions, how to help customers to win the market. Ace-Tec should not just good manufacturing, but also allied force of customers, and magicians to bring beauty and health to end-users.To do so, it is not enough just relying on Ace-Tec itself. We need to find and develop good suppliers. After setting up long term trustful partnership, cooperate with suppliers to make overall improvements on technical, quality, cost and delivery.I really believe, when customers, Ace-Tec and Suppliers are bonded to each other in a complete value chain, we can contribute the biggest value to society!LED therapy RF facial device for face price