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Eagle Hero VTOL
Product Introduction
- Complete composite construction using carbon fibre and Kevlar on a rigid honeycomb core structure
- New fuselage design concept that conceals all avionics cables
- Robust structure engineered to industrial quality
- Dual battery system to maximize safety
- Compatible with PC-based, full-featured, open source autopilot system
- Easy to assemble in the field, no need for expert skill
- VTOL to suit virtually any mission
Wing Span3500mm
Endurance> 2 hours 锛?kg payload锛?/span>
Mission range180 +km
Cruise speed24m/s
Stall speed13m/s
Maximum speed35m/s
Service ceiling< 4000m
Takeoff / LandingVTOL
Glide ratio (L / D)25:1锝?8:1
The excellent design of the Eagle Hero VTOL is the most efficient of its kind.
Because of our design method innovation and experience is rich, we through repeated flight test to achieve the high efficiency, low stall speed, extend the cruise window and strong ability of payload, we also add the function of intelligence, such as automatic cooling and built-in component class - all of these functions of driver by electric power.This design can achieve less energy consumption and more cruise time.
It is well known that current quad-rotor technology is quite mature.It enables the vertical takeoff and landing of UAVs and eliminates the limitation of traditional aircraft requirements on runways.The quad-rotor are designed to provide maximum fail-safe protection during the mission.
According to flight reports from customers, the Eagle Hero landed flawlessly during its sandstorm operation.Despite wind speeds of up to 13 meters per second or so, the Eagle was able to land safely and brilliantly.
Sparkle Tech technology is committed to integrating efficient design with modern technology in a robust, fully composite platform.The Eagle Hero has little noise and can fly for more than 2 hours under normal conditions. It has a top speed of 120 km/h and a flying distance of more than 180 km. Eagle Hero can fly autonomously, take stunning high-definition photos, record high-definition video, efficiently complete 3D mapping, monitor crop health, and wirelessly transmit live video.Tasks like highway surveillance, security patrol, border surveillance, search and rescue, and surveillance can all be accomplished perfectly by Eagle Hero.
All this is achieved through the accuracy of the on-board autopilot system by intelligently selecting and integrating efficient DC motors, lithium batteries, and sophisticated electronic speed control systems, it effectively increases endurance time and expands the range of tasks.
Uncluttered payload compartment enables easy access to the payload.Hybrid VTOL factory