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EURA mould has the professional team for refrigerator moulds R&D in China, providing all kinds of China refrigerator inner parts moulds. By the advanced refrigerator injection molding technology, we supply not only the refrigerator moulds but also the refrigerator moulding products. All we bring you is a all-around refrigerator moulds sales service and to make you satisfied.
EURA mould is the famous refrigerator moulds maker in China, we have the professional designer to provide the surpassingly accurate refrigerator moulds drawing, we have the strict QC staff team to assure the quality of the refrigerator moulds, and we have the super sales work team to provide refrigerator moulding service and follow-up service after sales. What we do is to offer one-step service which makes sure every process of the refrigerator mould making is perfect and meet the customer's requirements. From the time of company founded, we have sold nearly 100 sets of refrigerator moulds from China to the worldwide, like Mexico, Iran, Spain. We can do the refrigerator door adornment mould, refrigerator head cover mold, refrigerator base mould, refrigerator inner parts mould, refrigerator door handle mould, ice box mould and storage battery mould. Also we can use hard chrome plating on the refrigerator handle mould. The steel material is always DIN 1.2738 or DIN1. 2311, China refrigerator mould injection system is 4 points EURASOLU pin-point gate, refrigerator mould injection cycle time is 45 seconds, and delivery time of refrigerator mould is 80 days.
If you want a perfect refrigerator mould with the most particular information and want to get every process about the refrigerator mould making, we can do that for you, we are the perfect refrigerator mould maker in China, famous refrigerator inner parts moulding manufacturer, use the higher refrigerator moulding technology and provide the super refrigerator mould service in China.
We have shipped 60 sets refrigerator moulds last year. We would like to show the important point when we purchase refrigerator mould.
Plastic appearance is very important for the refrigerator parts. For example refrigerator drawer parts, it is normally made of PC, PS, PMMA, ABS transparent material. The parting line, injection gate polishing are the important actors for the product appearance. We will design the parting line at the location where is not in the front view. Regarding the injection gate, we are using valve gate for the drawer. Mould flow will correct the best injection gate location for refrigerator moulds. And in order to make a shiny appearance, we should use very good steel for example: S420, S136 with the hardness HRC48-52. These steels have the best affection for the polishing.
If you have any refrigerator parts moulds need to make, please feel free to contact with me.
QC system:
We have good QC system, covering IQC, IPQC and OQC.
For the Q/C of mould, there are 3 steps:
1. Mould Material Q/C
- Mould steel checking (hardness, flaw detection)
- Mould standard spare parts checking (hardness, size, flaw checking)
2. Mould Making Process Q/C
- Design checking (part design, mould design, mould engineering drawing)
- Each part of mould size checking after machining according to 2D drawing
- Mould testing (check mould running condition)
We guarantee to provide the best and quick mold service to customers!
Packaging & Shipping
Anti-rust oil is painted first, then plastic film, and finally wooden case.
Sent together with the mould:
a) Mould manual instruction.
b) Engineering drawing in flash disk.
c) One more set of mould spare parts: heater, ejector pin, bush, water nozzle, water pipe, hanging ring.
Our Certificate:
ISO and SGS certified, export to more than 45 countries
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