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Product Description
Retro wind linear back wooden dining chair can be used in various places, whether it is bedroom, living room, kitchen, yard, can be matched.
Brown chairs are understated and luxurious, unlike ordinary dining chairs
Product Dimensions, 20.5X16.8X35cm
Seat Depth 21.26 inches
Product Details
A linear backrest wooden dining chair adds a touch of rustic farmhouse to your dining room or lounge area. This chair has an oak structure for added durability, so you can sit back and sunbathe, relax at the table, or relax with a cup of coffee after a long day of work.
Whether you use them at home, they add a minimalist style and a glamorous design. Placed at the table, as an extra seat in the living room, even standing alone.
Their spindle back details give them a classic appeal that can be replenished in any room in your home. This beautiful wooden chair is decorated in black to give you the features you want and the features you want.
Product Information
Product Dimensions20.5X16.8X35cm
Item Weight26.6 pounds
Q: Our Design
A: All shapes and function are designed by our team which cooperating with local famous university in zhejiang. We also have own metal and wooden parts factories, which help us to enlarge our new product lines and reduce total cost of production and give customer more competitive price.
Q: Product Application
A: Dining room, coffee bar, some public rest room
Q: Our Service
A: We have warehouse in European and USA, we can send some parts as soon as possible which is easy to be damaged.Wooden Dining Chairs manufacturers