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Our round rattan crossbody bag is made by hand, tightly woven and made of natural rattan.
Product features: strong magnetic snap closure, two consistent buttons, fully adjustable strap, small pocket inside enough for holding your money or passport cards and colorful floral patterns. Featly is a natural, unique, and trendy phone bag for summer beach or your daily days.
SPECIAL GIFT FOR WOMEN-ECO-FRIENDLY BAG: Besides the above outstanding features, retro purse designed with meticulously hand-woven rattan material without a snag and no bad smell. These bags will be a great idea as a small birthday gift for the ladies you love.
FEATLY-SYMBOL OF SIMPLENESS: Being 100% handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans. Featly bag has a lightweight and environmental quality which matches you who has the attraction of neatness and who is natural with most kinds of clothes as its name given FEATLY!
IDEAL SIZE FITS EVERY DEMAND-CONVENIENT BAG: It is large enough for big capacity: This bag can hold the biggest phone as XS iPhone Max, sunglasses small books, wallet, accessories, and other necessities. The detail is 7.9 x 3.2 inches of dimension as shown in the image.This is a unique gift handcrafted by Artisans. Whether you keeping it to yourself or gifting someone you care, it will be memorable and unforgettable.
Rattan furniture expert of art of 10 brands rattan expresses: vogue is from a rattan make up bag to begin.One's state of mind is closely related to the scenery around him.Rattan weaving, based on nature, itself contains ancient techniques.And when this craft applies in the life, its contain natural "strength" always can let a person relax mood, sweep exhaustion.Each vine is an open life, it collects bright joy, but also soothe the unspeakable sadness.It's simple and natural and pure.It accompanies you through thick and thin.
Round rattan crossbody bag is a traditional handicraft combining rattan's charm and human wisdom. It gives full play to rattan's characteristics of softness and non-breaking. It takes rattan branches, rattan cores or bamboo as the skeleton, and then USES rattan bark or young rattan cores to weave various utensils, furniture or crafts.Generally through dozen rattan (cut off the knot on the rattan), pick rattan, wash rattan, sun rattan, twist rattan, pull rattan (gouging rattan), whiten rattan, dye, weave, paint and so on more than a dozen procedures.On colour, use the buff yellow of original cane mostly, or process, bleach is white, ivory color, downy and elegant, some deserve to wait with coffee color, brown.
Q1. About OEM:
Welcome, you can send your own design of glass product and LOGO, we can open newmold and print or emboss any LOGO for youWholesale Round Rattan Bag