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solar power box technology Ningbo Inyan Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise committed to development, manufacturing, sales of solar, wind and other renewable energy conversion products and design of photovoltaic power generation system. Inyan products and services cover DC solar lighting systems, portable DC & AC home solar power generators, off-grid uninterrupted solar power systems, hybrid solar & wind energy storage systems, solar pumping systems, solar aeration systems and Pay-as-you-go new solar power systems. The products are applied to residential areas, islands, villages and rural communities without electricity etc.
Inyan Solar was formed in 2011 by Mr. Carl Wang (Owner), Doctor Li , excellent research & development and sales teams to help transform the entire nation by delivering affordable solar energy independence to every homeowner.
Our mission, our dream, our vision is for every people to have the security of owning their own alternative energy system for their entire home and energy needs.
Key Values to Customers
Quality Manufacturing: With ISO-9001 certification, we have built up unmatched
quality control systems from incoming materials to finished the complete solar systems.
Best Service: We provide exclusive assistance and responsive service, from product design to technical support and marketing program.
Total Quality Assurance System: From design, manufacture, to service, we offer a total quality assurance system to guarantee high-quality & reliable products.
Solar Solutions for Everyone, Everywhere
Our products and solutions are made to meet all kinds of solar needs from 3W to 5KW. Even a 3W solar lighting kit could bring you big surprise for a small two bedroom home in rural village. Come, join the Inyan Solar. Go solar to save money and the environment.
Why choose Inyan Solar?
Because we work hard for you...Our slogan is “Turn lives on around the world” and our primary objective is to find the most affordable way to help convert our customers from high energy cost victims to energy independent home owners.
Not all people are able to afford solar energy. So we developed a variety of Pay As You Go solar power system which change the lives of some of the world’s poorest communities by bringing a clean, low-cost, sustainable solar energy into their homes. They can easily rent the solar energy by one day, one week, one month or one year from the distributor. This project running very well in Guatemala, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Congo and other African countries.
Pay-as-you-go solar power takes off in Africa
We believe that the Pay As You Go solar power system is proved to be the new trend in Africa and around the world!solar power box technology