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Cylindrical Self-propelled Jack-Up Barge
Brief Introduction:
Jack-Up Barge is multipurpose water-surface marine equipment with special and powerful functions.

Jack-Up Barge can achieve lifting, drilling, geotechnical investigation, exploration, piling, excavating, dredging, transshipment, maintenance and other functions. All above functions can be achieved by changing different working equipment on it.

Jack-Up Barge can be used in different regions under certain conditions of marine meteorology. When floating on the water surface it can achieve short-distance moving positioning after installed with portable thruster.
Advantages of CENGIN Jack-Up Barge:
The main performance of CMJP MODULAR JACKUP upgraded & optimized by CENGIN are as follows:
1. Programming controlled fully automatic operating mode / (Progressiveness + Humanization)
2. Perfect combination and collaboration of triple operating modes / (Reliability)
3. Real-time monitoring & automatic correction for barge/ platform attitude / (progressiveness + Safety)
4. High-strength spud cans strengthen stationed reliability / (Safety)

For Modular Jack-Up Barge we have Technical Advantages & Price Advantage, and our quality can be guaranteed and supervised by Classification Society like BV.Self-propelled Jack-Up Barge manufacturers