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Product Introduction
ZJSJ - 012 type aerosol generator is developed by our company and the production of portable cold aerosol generator, the aerosol generator is suitable for the air flow in 50000 m3 / h or less, but the biggest 0.5-2 x 1013 P/h the polydispersity of aerosols. It can meet the requirements of the HEPA filter test for all small cleaning units to the large clean room air supply system. Zjsj-012 produces a continuous, stable aerosol particle and is convenient to add the solution.
Note: Customers are required to configure their own compressed air pump or gas source.
Model ZJSJ-012
Output flow 1-2.5m3/h
Productive rate 0.5-2*1013P/h
Atomizing pressure >=10-80Kpa
Aerosol size distribution 0.02-2 um
Aerosol type DEHS cold more scattered ,PAO/DOP cold more scattered
Size ( H*W*L) 200mm*250mm*370mm
Weight 3KG
Check air outside