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Product Detail
1.100% NATURAL--This product uses pure natural horsehair and beech as wooden handles and bristles, without any toxic components.
2. The wooden handle is designed in an arc shape, which is ergonomic and closely fits the palm of your hand, so that you can use it effortlessly,In particular, there is a groove in the hand grip, which is convenient to grasp and not easy to slip.
3. The main characteristics of using horse hair brush are soft, be antistatic, strong water absorption and good cleaning effect, which is suitable for all kinds of beards-long, short or chaotic.
4. Add a circle of paint on the edge of the wooden handle to prevent the wooden handle from cracking easily, which makes it more comfortable and difficult to hold.
Product description:
Product namePrivate label wooden beard brush soft bristle
Place of originZhejiang,China
MaterialBeech wood,Horse bristle or other bristle
ApplicationHome, hotel, gift
Brush size11*6*3.5CM
Colorbrown color
LogoNo logo & add logo
Logo styleLaser logo & silk-screen logo
Delivery time25-35days
Our advantage
1. Have a professional design team.
2. Has a production plant for 10 years.
3. Transport quickly.
4. Support returns due to product problems.
Product features
1. The overall brown product with black paint coating is more atmospheric and beautiful in style.
2. The horsehair comb is small, light and comfortable to use.
3. Suitable for all kinds of beard cream.
4. No Pollution.
Product Benefits
1. Horse hair brush is mostly used for surface treatment and polishing.
2. Because of its soft, corrosion-resistant and no damage to the working face, horse hair brush is also mostly used for dust removal and oil removal on the face..
3. Lightweight, compact and convenient for traveling and carrying.
4. Suitable for giving each other as gifts.
How to use 锛?/strong>
1. Soak your face and beard and wash your beard.
2. Apply beard cream to your beard and foam it with a comb.
3. Rinse your beard and comb.Beard Brush manufacturers