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The crusher is usually used as secondary shredding due to its high rotational speed and sharp blades.
Featuring robust welded steel construction and stable crushing, but during crushing, metal and similar hard foreign objects are not allowed to be disposed of into crushing chamber. 4 rotor are tailored for versatile applications and producing uniform regrind, whose size is determined by screen opening.
The resulting regrind can be pneumatically conveyed and collected, forming a simple recycle line with no dust and reduced labour cost.
Application scope
Plastic crusher is suitable for crushing plastic films, plastic bottles, plastic baskets, plastic barrels, automobile bumpers, plastic steel doors and windows, machine head materials, chemical barrels, waste cloth, fibers, wires, cable covers and other waste plastics and plastic processing defective products. It can also be used for crushing soft metals.
Working principle
On the working principle, plastic crusher adopts the shearing principle, and realizes the shearing and crushing processing of materials through a fixed knife fixed on the machine body and a movable knife fixed on a tool rest. During the shearing process, the materials roll up and down at high speed in the machine cavity under the drainage effect of a knife plate, and the materials which meet the discharging requirement after crushing are discharged out of the machine box through the screen hole at the bottom of the machine box to complete the crushing operation and the materials which do not meet the discharging requirement are further crushed in the machine box until the discharging requirement is met and then discharged through a screen.
Features and benefits
1. Rotor blades and counter blades adopt D2 steel.
2. Main electrical components are trusted brands such as Siemens and Schneider.
3. Chassis equips with maintenance door for blade and screen replacement.
4. Rotary and blades can be re-sharpened, greatly reducing operating cost.
5. Screen is easily interchangeable.
Some of the models parameters:
Quantity of rotating blades22222424
Rotate speed(r/m)520720800720720620480480
Screen size(mm)78101010121214
Max breaking capacity(kg/h)50-100100-150150-250250-450350-550450-650500-700600-800
Size of feeding inlet(mm)180*136230*170300*210400*240500*300600*310800*4001000*400
External size(mm))730*440*9001000*800*10501100*800*12001300*900*14001450*1050*15001500*1250*17202000*1400*21002000*1600*2100
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