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Vitamin A Retinol Palmitate|Vitamin A Retinol Acetate|Beta-Carotene Powder for Sale
Quick Details :
Product Name: Vitamin A Retinol Palmitate|Vitamin A Retinol Acetate|Beta-Carotene Powder
CAS #:127-47-9 /79-81-2
Specification & Standard :
Vitamin A : 1,700,000IU/G, 2,800,000IU/G, 325,000IU/G, 500,000IU/G, 1,000,000IU/G USP /EP /CP and etc.
Appearance :
Vitamin A : Pale yellow or red fluidity Powder or oil or crystal
Beta-Carotene : Yellow or orange or deep red or purple red powder or oil or crystal
Function of Vitamin A Acetate :
This product is one kind of liposoluble vitamins.
It can adjust the growth and health of the epidermic histiocyte.
It can make crude and aging skin surface thin.
It also can promote cell metabolism and dispel wrinkles.
It can be used in many kinds of cosmetics.
Function of Vitamin A Palmitate :
For vitamin A deficiency, such as nyctalopia and xerophthalmia, keratomalacia disease and pachulosis, etc.
Used to supplement need, such as pregnancy, lactating women and infants, and so on.
Can prevent epithelioma, esophageal cancer.
1). Has the effect of adjusting the metabolism of epidermis and cuticle, can anti-aging, anti-wrinkle.
2). To reduce sebum overflow and make the skin elastic, fade spots at the same time, smooth skin.
3). Helps protect the skin, mucous membrane is not affected by bacteria, healthy skin, prevent skin cancer.
4). Prevent nyctalopia, eyesight, the treatment of various eye diseases, geared at to bright eye be apt to make woman.
5). To promote bone growth, help the tooth growth, regeneration.
6). Effectively prevent obesity, keep women's slim figure.
7). Can contribute to the prevention and treatment of hair loss.
Introduction of Beta-Carotene :
尾-Carotene is a strongly colored red orange pigment abundant in plants and fruits.
It is an organic compound and chemically is classified as a hydrocarbon and specifically as a terpenoid, reflecting its derivation from isoprene units.
Carotene is the substance in carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes that colors them orange and is the most common form of carotene in plants.
When used as a food coloring, it has the E number E160a.It can also be extracted from the beta carotene rich algae, Dunaliella Salina.
The separation of 尾-carotene from the mixture of other carotenoids is based on the polarity of a compound.尾-Carotene is a non-polar compound, so it is separated with a non-polar solvent such as hexane.
Being highly conjugated, it is deeply colored, and as a hydrocarbon lacking functional groups, it is very lipophilic.尾-Carotene has been used to treat various disorders such as erythropoietic protoporphyria.
It has also been used to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women before menopause, and the risk of age-related macular degeneration.
Application of Beta-Carotene :
1.Applied in pharmaceutical field, carrot extract beta carotene powder can be used as raw materials;
2.Applied health product industry, carrot extract beta carotene powder can be used as raw materials;
3.Applied in food and beverage industry ,carrot extract beta carotene powder can be used as additives.
Function of Beta-Carotene :
1.Carrot extract beta carotene powder can be used to enhance human immunity;
2.Used to maintain the integrity of the skin mucous membrane layer, prevent skin dry and coarse;
3.Promote growth;
4.Used as an antioxidant, may offer some protection against certain cancers and other diseases.
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