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polymer lithium ion battery 302030 140mah, 3.7V,a kind of lithium ion battery, called li-polymer battery, li-po battery, with the advantage of
1)High energy density
2)High working voltage
3)High safety
4)Long cycle life
5)Agile shape&dimension
6)No memory effect
7)Low self discharge
8) Environmental friendly
It can be customized according to customer鈥檚 requirements
Quality first, Customer focus鈥漣s our aim. From the selection of raw materials to finished products, all links are in strictly inspection. We use a series of professional equipment to expand the production capacity and efficiency, like auto-spot welding machine and battery formation and grade system, laser machine. Beside, we have a group of well trained and skillful employees, our production capacity can be 20000pcs/day. In addition, to reach international standards, our products has obtained the certification of CE, ROHS,IEC, CB, UL,UN38.3,MSDS etc.
1. All sizes, models and capacities can be selected by customers. The thickness of single cell is from 0.8 to 12mm.
2. The range of optional capacity is wide, 8-10000mAh.
3. Extremely safe and stable chemistry: BMS or PCB built inside to protect the battery over charge and discharge.
4. Lighter and smaller: 1/3 weight of lead acid battery, 70% size/weight of Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery.
5. Batteries can be customized according to customer requirements, such as voltage, capacity, mating plug/connector, etc.
6. Wide operating temperature: High temperature resistance(-50~70 degrees Celsius and -20~60鈩?.
7. Steady performance: High power output, low self-discharge rate, less than 3% monthly.
8. No memory effects and highly efficient charge: It can be recharged anytime, no reduction of the capacity.
9. Green product: Environment friendly, clean and green energy, no pollution on our environment.
10. Short delivery, perfect service.10-1000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery in stock